Saturday, July 14, 2012


Hell hath no fury like a boss scorned. Harvard University may be good at some things, but Dolanomics is not one of them. In an egregious miscalculation, Jeremy Lin and his new agent attorney Jim Tanner, rolled snake eyes in the high stakes NBA free agency game. New York Knick's owner Jim Dolan is said to feel "betrayed" and sources say he will not match the bloated Houston Rocket offer. Moreover, he will let Lin dangle in the wind  and announce it Tuesday July 17th close to the 11:59 pm deadline as a lesson. Did someone say vindictive? In the Dolan-Knick theatre of the absurd, the obtuse,opague, and illogical often rule the day. Lin received and signed  a three year $ 25 million offer from the Houston Rockets last week loaded with the now famous "Morey Assassin clause." The Knicks were caught by surprise and had no idea until a few days ago about the "poison pill" that would pay Lin a prohibitive $ 14.8 million in the last year of the three year contact. This would trigger huge luxury tax penalties totaling nearly $ 30 million. Lin will receive $ 5 miilion in the first year , $ 5.225 million in the second. This all for a thin resume consisting of 64 games (35 with Knicks and 29 with Golden States Warriors) no post season experience, and real concerns about whether he is really more than a really good back-up NBA point guard. Tanner, a partner with the DC law firm Williams & Connolly, seriously misplayed his hand. With a punitive luxury tax kicking in  the 2014-15 season, even the fiscally promiscuous Dolan , has said enough is enough.  It was the Knicks that rescued  Lin from the  NBA waiver scrap heap last December 27 , paving the way for the magical  Linsanity explosion  that took the world by storm and proved to be a marketing bonanza for the New York Knicks.

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