Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Oracle Pop and his secret sauce: Spurs will beat Heat in 7

The erudite, dry, and abundantly quotable Greg Popovich loves an interview as much as August in Florida without air conditioning. He utter disdain for hyperbole, inane questioning, and glaring cameras is becoming as legendary as his stellar coaching record. But not to many NBA coaches are conversant in everything from Soviet Studies, fine wines, global affairs to philosophy. Pop,as he is admiringly called, is the NBA's equivalent of Socrates. His terse answers, sardonic wit and unintentional humor has made him a media must-see. Notwithstanding his inadvertent media appeal, Pop's voluminous hoops IQ, adroit game plans(especially intra-game adjustments) is why the Spurs will beat the LeBron led Miami Heat in seven exciting games. The "Big Three" meet the " Big Four."

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