Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Editor's Box: New York Knick problems begin and end with clueless ownership.

Thomas Huxley,English biologist and ardent proponent of Darwin's theory on evolution, once said, " Misery is a match, that never goes out." Could he have also foretold a world of perpetual angst under James Dolan. The inept and clueless Chairman of Madison Square Garden( owner of the New York Knicks) dwells in alternate  reality that has ravaged championship-famished Knick fans for over a decade. Forget the unimaginative iso-ball schemes of Knick coach Mike Woodson, the ill fitting parts,, the lack of  an identity, porous defense, the 'franchise-altering trade" for Carmelo Anthony that gutted the team, or  for the prematurely horrid "Bargnani experiment." These are all peripheral components of a bigger structural problem- bad ownership.

Vision, leadership smart decision making, strategic thinking, hiring of  "A" talent," all the foundations of a winning organization, are seldom seen and rarely found in the MSG hierarchy. Rather than reward performance,seek out imminently qualified  talent with best-in-class skill sets,  Dolan has surrounded himself with a cadre of well-compensated sycophants  too afraid to tell him the uncensored truth-he is doing a very bad job. Dolan, whose position at MSG rests primarily on his lineage-his father  owns the company, is clearly not qualified to be head of the Knicks much less chairman of a publicly traded company. No where in  his professional DNA could you find anything other than riding his fathers coats tails.To protect his massive ego, unbridled insecurity, and marginal competence  he subjects MSG employees to  paranoid histrionics and a gulag media policy that prohibits any  MSG employee from  speaking to the media-get this-without permission and an authorized Garden stooge to supervise all communication. Yes in the biggest media market in world in the 21st century. Now in the mother of all delusions, he states that these Knicks are championship caliber? In clinical terms this is called hallucinatory self -deception. If that were not enough, he is now limiting the performer of the Knick City Dancers. Alrighty then..... I guess their  constant gyrations and hyper-kinetic performances are the reason you retained Chris Smith over adding a quality big to offset your atrocious  rebounding and  anemic shot blocking.

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