Monday, November 11, 2013

Coach Woodson: Your on the Clock

With every failure to cut to the basket, with every failure to box your man out, with every failure to call a play other than Melo iso-ball, the inevitable become obvious- Coach Mike Woodson may be looking for a broadcasting job. It is never easy working under an irrational and clueless owner with unwarranted expectations. But as the mob saying goes, " this is the life we choose." In New York sports everything is bigger-the successes and the failures. After leading the Knicks to their first Atlantic Divisions title in over a decade,  a 54-win season, and the first round playoff victory since 2002, rose-color glasses forecast true title contention. Never mine this suppositions obviated some real relevant points. Last year, the Knicks caught  perfect storm in reverse. Chicago Bulls lost Derrick Rose, the Boston Celtics were on their last legs, The Nets had talent but no heart, and the Knicks caught the league by surprise.

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