Monday, January 27, 2014

Corey Rockafeler NBA RAW: King of New York and the Melodrama Knicks fans need.

It was a fateful day in February 2011 when Carmelo Anthony finally bulldozed his way to the New York  Knicks in a trade that gutted their depth. Championship-famished fans had their newly anointed savior. Melo, local boy born in Newark, had come home  The first Edward O'Brien trophy since 1973 seemed preordained. On the way, fans had their share delicious Melo moments. On April 2, 2013, Melo tied he career high with 50 points in a 102 -90 win against the champion Miami Heat. He then followed that performance with consecutive 40 points games, becoming the first Knick since Bernard King to score 40+ points in three consecutive games. Let's not forget winning the 2013 NBA scoring crown with 28.7 ppg. Hope and optimism became kissing cousins  as the Knicks won their first Atlantic division crown since 1994. After beating their aged-depleted rivals in Boston, the Knicks ran into a tower of brute strength in the Indiana Pacers who crushed their title hopes in six games.

2014 was new season swollen with hope. This was supposed to be their year. Never mind a structurally flawed roster and a coach who seemingly missed the email about continuing to evolve. As in life,  fate hit a Cul-de-sac. A perfect storm of continued Dolanesque ineptness, a marginal front office, putrid coaching, and an injury-ravaged team submerged  deep post season aspirations under a blanket of  mediocrity. New conversations alternated between who may replace Coach Mike Woodson and which team  free-agent-to be Carmelo might be playing for next season. But on this frigid New York City night, January 24th history was made. The  long overdue "signature Melo New York" moment arrived.  Carmelo  Anthony channeled his inner Muhammad Ali and unleashed a one-man 62 point tsunami. Not only did Melo,eclipse the previous scoring held by his idol, Bernard King, he surpassed the Madison Square Garden record held by close buddy, Kobe Bryant. The performance was as efficient as it was prodigious. 20 for 25 from the field, 3 for 4 from downtown,10 for 10 from the charity stripe, and 13 boards. In a season flat-lining with disappointment,Melo revived hope. For one night all was right at the world's most famous arena. The garden was rocking with game 7 finals excitement. Melo allowed 19,364 screaming fans to dream again. For those who were there, you can nurture this historic moment for years to come.  Feel free to pay this story forward indefinitely. Superman was back in Gotham City. You can post to Face Book, Instagram it, Tweet it, or simply tell the grand kids. This super hero wore number 7 and had a blue headband draped around his head. Hope never felt so good.

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