Sunday, February 9, 2014

Corey Rockafeler and NBA RAW present: "The Existentialist"


Mix a dab of Kierkegaard, a sliver Sartre, a pinch of Camus, with a dash of Hollinger, and portion of Chappelle. What do you get? You get NBA RAW's " The Existentialist." Henry Thoreau once said, "it is not what you look at, but what you see." The truth is definitely stranger than fiction. Our new feature column, explores the surreal, the sublime, and the absurd goings-on in the NBA

~~ How bad do Knick fans feel? I heard  a fan  dare utter Isaiah Thomas would be an upgrade over One-Way-Woody. Please call a priest for an exorcism.

~~ I will say this when it comes to Woodson, a old Bavarian proverb comes to mind: " What is the use of running when we are on the wrong road?"

~~ Sorry, I am bottom feeding, last one on the Knicks. Hey Dolan how's that 14-year plan going? 477 wins, 593 loses, 7 head coaches, and 1 playoff series victory. Perhaps the old aphorism about a broken clock being right twice a day does not apply to you.

~~ Speaking on being wrong, is Joe Dumars in Detroit,  grandfathered in because of his ring in 2004 as a GM? Ok in 2008, he signs Ben Gordon to 5-year $ 55 million dollar deal. Then you sign Charlie Villaneuva to a 5-year $ 35 million deal. In 2012 you out do yourself by signing Josh Smith to a $ 54 million year deal, and Brandon Jennings to a 3-year $ 24 million deal. Firing coach coach Mo Cheeks does no solve the problems unless you follow him put the door?

~~ Josh Smith, every time you take another cringe-inducing 3-pointer, you make the fans in Atlanta very, very, very happy.

~~ Paul Milsap or Josh Smith? My point exactly.

~~ Saying J Kidd is not as bad as you thought, is sort of like saying your girlfriend is not that ugly. A championship payroll and 8th seed team is called under performance.

~~ Yes Raptor's GM Masai Ujiri took advantage of the team in New York City I said I would not mention anymore.

~~ No, the Milwaukee are worse than you though. Try barely watchable.

~~ The Pacers are not the hot blond, rather the woman you marry.

~~ Can someone  tell Rudy Gay to call Monta Ellis. There is hope for unrepentant, inefficient, ball-stopping gunner who see the light.

~~ For those less erudite NBA journalists( I use that term very loosely) , please stop using the Cavaliers to make your specious arguments  the NBA drafts are not a sure thing. Try mentioning s that little word called competence and then follow it up by referencing the Thunder and Spurs.

~~ Please do not take the Heat lightly. Yeah, that Heat team who I think won two straight rings


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